Why choose UpScore

Upscore offers consulting services, advising a select group of consumers whos credit profile meets certain minimal credit and financial criteria. We offer consulting and assistance in obtaining unsecured personal loans.

Upscore does not charge upfront fees, we have a very detailed consulting agreement between the company and the consumer. Explaining the relationship between the two parties. The best thing about upscore is that we have no relationship with the financiers, meaning we have the ability to obtain the best options available for the consumer based on their credit profile.

  • UpScore provides professional experienced consultants, trained to advise, and assist the consumer in locating the personal loan that fits their current financial situation. The consultants are aware of all current 3rd party financier trends, putting the consumer in front of the proper lender that has the appetite for the consumer’s credit profile.
  • Your consultant will assist by helping the consumer better understand and complete the application process, as well as what documents the financier may be requesting. This helps by saving many hours of time and frustration.
  • Your consultant also helps with understanding the communication between the consumer and the financial institution. In return this eliminates confusion and gives the consumer back their time.
  • Your consultant will provide you with a complete understanding of your current financial situation versus the outcome of the personal loan. Breaking down the cost of the consumer current path of becoming debt free and the cost of the new path by obtaining a personal loan.
  • Your consultant will work alongside you to help you understand the ups and downs of your loan options.
  • UpScore is PCI compliant, our consultants take every measure to ensure our clients’ personal information is fully protected.
  • UpScore helps preserve the integrity of our customers, we provide confidentiality and protect the consumer against any unnecessary credit inquiries that may negatively affect the possibility of obtaining consumer funding.

UpSore has many years of experience which enables us to understand the current trends of the market. Giving us the knowledge to understand where our clients have the best chance of receiving multiple offers from 3rd party lenders.

We are result oriented and very successful in what we do, and that is why there are no upfront fees on our consultations. The only time the client will be charged is if they receive funding from a 3rd party financier provided by the consultation.

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If you need a loan right now – from $35,000 up to $100,000 – UpScore can steer you in the right direction. We only refer our clients to top quality lenders.

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